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Dr. Chase Walters is a chiropractor serving Dothan and the surrounding area. Our chiropractor and the rest of the welcoming team at Southeastern Chiropractic Associates are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, or even muscular tightness and tension. You may be searching for pain relief after an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you suffer from a specific condition like chronic back pain or a spinal condition. Even if you are looking to improve your overall health, our chiropractor can help you attain your everyday wellness goals! Visit our testimonials page to find out what our patients are saying about our Dothan chiropractor and our chiropractic care plans.

At your first visit to Southeastern Chiropractic Associates, Dr. Chase Walters will explain how chiropractic care works and give you a full evaluation to see if our chiropractic solutions are a good fit to address your needs. If there is a good fit, we can customize a plan of chiropractic care for your condition and health goals.

If you have not been to a chiropractor before and want to find out more, please call (334) 673-1488 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team. We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

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Dr. Chase Walters
Dothan Chiropractor | Southeastern Chiropractic Associates | (334) 673-1488

1491 Hartford Highway Dothan
Dothan, AL 36301

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I am sure that all of your patients appreciate what you have been able to do to alleviate the pain in their body. However, I felt the need to tell you personally how much it has meant to me. Before coming to this office I was taking 12 o 16 Advil tablets a day, which was causing problems with my stomach. EVERY day I woke with debilitating pain. My activities were limited to watching television and staying at home because the pain was too intense to do anything else. Thanks to your treatments, I have not had to take Advil or any other medications in weeks. I love waking up each day and being able to enjoy my family and a social life with my friends. Also, it is very important to me that you believe in the power of prayer."
    Fay B.
  • "When I first came to this office I was in tremendous pain caused by my sciatic nerve. After the very first adjustment, I felt better. A treatment plan was implemented and I improved with each visit. It is a blessed event when the pain that has been consuming you goes away. Arthritis will always be with you but that pain can be made more bearable. Thanks to your staff for all their smiles and cheerfulness. I appreciate all their concern for their patients. Keep up the good work and may God bless you and yours and your staff!!"
    Annie A.
  • "Dr. Walters and his staff have helped me so much!! I could not look over my shoulder without impairing my vision. I had horrible migraines that would debilitate me to a point I could not take care of my family. I can now turn my head and my vision will remain normal. I had up to 3 or 4 migraines a week. I may have a couple a month, sometimes none. Dr. Walter's friendly staff greets you with a smile! They are VERY compassionate and understanding when you do not feel well. They have changed my life and now I can take care of my 8 precious children! Thank you, Dr. Walters!!!!!"
    Elizabeth Duke
  • "I have always been nervous about chiropractors. I would never have gone of my own accord: however, I won a $25 gift certificate in April and decided to see what it was all about since I had been having horrible headaches and backaches. When I met with Dr. Walters the first time, I told him I was nervous and skeptical. Gosh! Did he prove me wrong! Over the last six months, several adjustments, case studies, and therapy, I'm now 99% better than before. I found out I had spine issues and an unaligned hip dilemma which was causing my frequent migraines, digestive issues and lower back pain Now, my low back hurts "occasionally", I'm sleeping 100% better and I only have maybe two headaches a month. I may not be Shrek, but I'm certainly a believer now. Thank you, Dr. Walters and everyone at SECA for improving my overall health with help from the Great Physician. "Our hands, His touch " sums it up perfectly!"
    T. Pitts
  • "I was in a car accident and had been suffering from sharp pains going from my neck, down my right arm, and in my shoulder area. I went to the ER right after my accident. They did x-rays, prescribed pain medication, and muscle relaxers and suggested I do a follow-up with my doctor. My pain progressed. I had never had this type of pain before and really didn't know what it was or what to do. When I came to see Dr. Walters, he took x-rays and discussed my problems and my treatment plan with me. My pain at this point was so bad I couldn't sit, stand or hardly sleep! Now, after seeing the doctor and going through the treatment plan recommended, I have no pain at all anymore. I also have mobility in my neck than there has ever been. My posture is 100% better! Thank you very much, Dr. Walters."
    A. Bailey

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