A co-worker told me about Dr. Black.  She knew I was in a lot of pain.  I came in and found a caring, Christian staff of wonderful new friends.  They are up front and you are really cared for.  I went from almost crying just to sit and drive to completely pain free.  Thank you Dr. Black, Dr. Walters and girls.  You are the best.  Thank you for putting up with all of my humor.  May you be blessed always.

Nancy H.

When I as born, my mother and father noticed that my head was malformed.  At three months of age my mother brought me to see Dr. Black.  He diagnosed me as having asymmetrical skull growth with cervical subluxations.  I started receiving treatment right away.  Your staff is so courteous, professional and friendly.  They made us feel comfortable and welcome in spite of the obvious disruption to an otherwise peaceful atmosphere.  Thank you for all the prayers and for the results my pediatrician said were impossible.

Lily Kate B.

I was suffering from year-round allergies, recurring sinus infections and congestion, chronic fatigue, insomnia and intense headaches every day.  I was on many medications that sometimes made me sleepy or dizzy.  Someone told me I should see Dr. Black.  Since I started the treatments Dr. Black planned out for me, I have not had a sinus infection.  Chronic fatigue is a thing of the past and I am sleeping better at night.  My allergies continue to cause some sinus congestion, but it is not as severe or as constant as it was.  My headaches have decreased from once or twice a day to once or twice a month.  The treatments have been very beneficial to me.

Stephen W.

When I first came to see Dr. Black, the pain in my lower back was so bad that it interfered with my daily living.  Getting out of bed every morning was difficult and painful and  l could not pick up my grandchildren.  After the first adjustment Dr. Black gave me, I could really tell a difference.  The pain was almost nothing (just an ache) and now there is no pain at all.  Dr. Black has given me an opportunity to enjoy my life in a way I didn’t think I could.  I thank him and my grandchildren thank him.  Dr. Black is a true blessing.

Deborah H.

On my first visit to Dr. Black’s office, I was immediately impressed by the Christian atmosphere and caring attitudes.  I was suffering severe pain in my jaw (TMJ), neck and shoulders.  I was also depressed, fatigued and experiencing vertigo.  SUCCESS!!   I am now near pain free, have lots of energy and a much better mental outlook.  Chiropractic treatment has served me well as an alternative to medications, which would only treat the symptoms and not the cause.  Thank you Dr. Black for your care and Christian witness.

Genell S.

When I first came to Dr. Black I had terrible headaches and neck pain.  During my exam he found more than one problem.  I also have scoliosis in my back.  My neck feels 100 times better after several weeks of intense therapy.  My headaches have completely gone.  My back, on the other hand, is still giving me a little trouble.  I’m sure it will be all better in no time. Before I came to Dr. Black my head would hurt just about every day.  I haven’t had a headache in three weeks.  YEA!!  I Feel like a new person.  Thanks Dr.  Black.

Cori F.

My low back pain had gotten so bad that, without my husband’s help, I couldn’t get out of bed.  After going to the ER and being told that nothing was wrong; I just needed to lose weight, a friend referred me to Dr. Black and Dr. Walters.  Dr. Black went over my x-rays and said he was going to do his best to help me.  It makes you so happy after so long a time in pain to finally be on the road to recovery.  I want thank Dr. Black, Dr. Walters and all the staff for doing a wonderful job of making me feel welcome, comfortable, and most of all, making me feel great!

Alyssa C.

I came to Dr. Black with numbness in my left arm and a stabbing pain in my left shoulder.  After treatment and therapy,  I can now say that with Dr. Black, his staff and God’s help I am now back to doing what I can without any pain.  Thanks!

Roger W.

I was initially skeptical of Chiropractors.  Several members of my family have had success, but it took a personal referral from a close friend to get me started.  Dr. Black and his staff have exceeded my wildest expectations.  Their genuine compassion and consideration have made every visit enjoyable.  As of this writing we have addressed problems with headaches, stomach problems, general fatigue and heel problems, as well as correcting my back.  I now feel better than I have in a long time.  I have lost weight, have more energy and have come off approximately $150 a month in medicines that never fixed my problems.  I heartily recommend Dr. Black to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.  Thank you Dr. Black and staff.

Sherri R.

My son is 4 years old and has had problems with reflux since he was born.  There was rarely a week where he didn’t have problems.  After growing older, it was common for him to become sick to his stomach and vomit.  He started his treatment and is feeling great.  He never complains of feeling sick anymore and he no longer has vomiting spells.  Dr. Black and his staff are great with kids.  My boys just love him and all the ladies.

Theresa C.

My daughter, Kristen, had colic from the day she was born.  After taking her to three pediatricians, trying two different medicines and atleast five different kinds of formula, the pediatricians basically told me to go home and wait for her to outgrow this “fussy” spell.  After three months of daily (and nightly) crying spells, I finally brought her to Dr. Black.  After only one adjustment I had a new baby!  She slept all afternoon that day and did not cry once.  I know have a happy and healthy baby and I am finally enjoying motherhood.  This has changed my life and my baby’s.

Happy Mommy

When I first came to see Dr. Black, I was almost constantly in pain.  At the time the pain was severe.  Dr. Black evaluated my condition, took x rays and scheduled an appointment for the next day.  The next appointment Dr. Black explained my condition to me.  It was the most thorough explanation I have ever received from a doctor.  I could tell Dr. Black really cares about his patients.  After one month of treatment I am rarely in pain now and the pain is mild.  I believe God is performing miracles through Dr. Black and his wonderful, caring staff.

Sylvia T.

When I first came to see Dr. Black my pain was wide spread.  My neck pain was so bad I could not sit through a church service without getting a headache.  Now I can enjoy my time at church again!  What a blessing Dr. Black has been to my health!

Abbie M.

The very day I stepped into this office I could feel the presence of the Lord.  My back had been giving me problems, so I came to see Dr. Black.  During the time of treatment I have improved greatly.  Love in Christ,

Ernie B.

I started seeing Dr. Black because I had neck and back pain.  During my treatment, Dr. Black straightened my back and put the curve back into my neck.  After the first visit I felt 40% better and after several weeks I feel 90% better.  I feel great!

Henry R., Jr.

When I called for an appointment i could hardly walk.  I could not step up stairs, etc.  Now, I can walk up stairs at any time with no pain in my legs.  I have some discomfort in my lower back when the weather changes due to arthritis.  I am now able to do my job with no pain!

James C.

I am 31 years old and have had recurring back pain for the past 5 to 6 years.  I have been treated by several chiropractors that would provide temporary relief.  However, within six months to a year, the pain would return.  Dr. Black was the first chiropractor that put together a step by step progression treatment plan for me.  He was also the first to clearly explain to me why I was having the pain.  Dr. Black’s treatment was successful for me.  I have no back pain and feel I will not have any recurring pain in the future.

Derrick B.

I have suffered for years with severe pain in my right hip.  My medical doctor first diagnosed me with having bursitis in my hip.  After an examination and x rays, Dr. Black explained a program of care that he thought would help me.  In just six weeks i was experiencing days without pain.  Not only did he help my pain, but he also helped my “restless legs”.

Betty B.

Before coming to see Dr. Black I was taking 12-16 Advil tablets a day.  Every day I woke with debilitating pain.  My activities were timited to watching pain and staying at home because the pain was too intense to do anything else.  I am no longer taking Advil or any other medications!  I love waking up each day and being able to enjoy my family and a social life with my friends.

Faye B.